Secondhand Bicycle Free Book Promotion 6th and 7th September

I’ve just completed a guide to help people buy good second hand bikes. It goes through all the checks you should make and the things you should look for when making a good purchasing decision. Here’s the blurb from Amazon:

“Have you ever bought a real lemon of a bicycle? I know I have! This book is simply a guide to show you where and what to look for when buying a second hand bike. It has a quick checklist for experienced people and a detailed walkthrough guide for those new to bikes and cycling.

Even if you only pick up on one little problem and are able to legitimately haggle for a discount (or have a problem fixed before you buy) then this handy little guide will save you more money than it costs.”

This book will be free to download this weekend, on the 6th and 7th of September 2012 only. Don’t miss your chance to download a book that could save you money and give you confidence when you next come to buy a bike! Continue reading Secondhand Bicycle Free Book Promotion 6th and 7th September

Gruelling Travel, Homelessness and Balancing Bike Weight

That’s what my partner and I have done since I last posted from New Zealand. Flights, more travel, bad luck, sabotage and finally left with (planned) homelessness. Our flight, for anyone that would like to imagine such a thing, went like this:

New Plymouth – Auckland (45m)
Auckland – Hong Kong (11h30m)
Hong Kong – London (12h30m including the 1hr delay sitting on the plane but not in the air!)

Back to back! Insanity was lurking perilously close. I was one more in-flight film away from sucking on my own trousers.

After the grueling and demoralising flight we stayed with my Dad in Reading, cycled to Cornwall to see Ellie’s family, took a train (with bikes) to Leicester and now we’re staying with my parents for a week before scooting off to Cambridge to see more family. Continue reading Gruelling Travel, Homelessness and Balancing Bike Weight

Brasher Hillmaster II GTX Review, Tested To Destruction

Brasher Hillmaster II GTX walking boots review: I’m willing to bet that a few of Cyclefar’s readers like walking. After all, to enjoy cycling is to enjoy life and there are many ways to experience the world. I have seen a fair bit of the great outdoors standing in these Brasher Hillmaster II GTX walking boots and now as I prepare to leave New Zealand (three weeks to go!) I’m also preparing to leave my beloved boots behind. I hope I don’t spoil the surprise by saying that these boots have never ever let me down in the estimated 500+ miles traveled in them.

I bought the Brasher Hillmaster walking boots on a recommendation from my dad who’s a keen walker and, whilst penniless at university, he kindly subsidised the price for me, telling me his philosophy ‘buy once buy right’. More specifically ‘buy leather’. Leather boots have the distinct advantage of being easy to clean, easier to care for and more water resistant than synthetic shoes in my opinion.

The leather is a fully waterproof layer before you even hit the Gore-Tex membrane underneath, and with so few seams, washing and waxing them is a simple and satisfying task. Leather boots tend to bounce back time and time again with a tin of wax and ten minutes of your best massaging. Continue reading Brasher Hillmaster II GTX Review, Tested To Destruction

Thank You Cyclefar Readers!

I’ve really enjoyed writing content for Cyclefar over the last few months. As some of you may know Cyclefar is not a new website, the domain was registered on the 13th of June 2010. However, I was young and the first half of Cyclefar’s life was spent as a test bed for all kind of ideas, writing styles and content.

As I’ve begun to find my feet in life so has this website. I want to thank everyone that has read posts, browsed galleries, commented, shared and ultimately contributed to the growth and success of I know how much great content exists online, each one competing for your time, interest and interaction. Continue reading Thank You Cyclefar Readers!

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