10 ways in which cycle touring changes your brain

cycle touring and peculiar habits
a peculiar habit

If you’ve ever been cycle touring then the chances are that you’ve noticed, upon arriving home, some habitual changes in the way you think and the way you do things. Aspects of re-acclimation can be a little challenging for those that have been left in the wild for too long and basically you know you’re a cycle tourer when you return home and you:


  • keep wearing the same clothes over and over and forget that you now have a whole wardrobe to choose from
  • as you drive around you have a heightened  sense of awareness of hills and notice even the slightest of incline that everyone else thinks is flat
  • get an disproportionate feeling of excitement when you find a clearing that, had you been on tour, would have been the nights campsite and continually scan both sides of the road for appropriate pitches
  • wake up at 7am and begin to roll your duvet away
  • when shopping you carefully asses the size and thickness of pasta as you try and determine how fast it will cook and how much fuel boiling it will consume
  • have an obsessive and impulsive desire to see where you are on a map and to check the weather forecast, even if you’re at home and plan to stay in for the day
  • eat huge portions of food or forget that when offered more it’s OK, and perhaps even appropriate, to say ‘no thank you’, you don’t have an insatiable calorie deficit any more
  • get frustrated when you leave your house without a compass and momentarily forget which way you’re facing before realising that you know where you are and couldn’t become lost even if you wanted to
  • keep your phone in a waterproof case at all times and check for possible sources of rogue moisture before you break the seal in order to charge it
  •  become reluctant to go down steep hills remembering the reverse mantra ‘for every down there’s an up’ – is there a name for a phobia of losing altitude . .  and I don’t mean by falling!

How about you; do you suffer from any post-cycling syndromes?

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