Belgrade - the good bits
Belgrade – the good bits

Recently I had a momentary lapse of interest for cycling. We’d had a few hilly days approaching Sarajevo and the long days had made my wrists ache. Usually I cycle fast but for shorter periods of time but with company the pace is often slightly slower and the hours in the saddle longer. Couple hours of uninterrupted gentle pain with horrific tunnels, aggressive dogs and 6 weeks of riding under my belt and you start to build up a picture of why I didn’t feel like riding the rest of Bosnia. I’d just had enough and wanted a change.

I love cycling with Ellie and going slower is a small price to pay for her company. . . and her witty puns. But I started to think of the things I want to do after the ride and perhaps just became impatient.

In short we skipped, by hot, sweaty, noisy rail, to Belgrade, where we spent a few days checking out the city, and then on to Skopje where we continued cycling.

Belgrade - the other bits
Belgrade – the other bits

Belgrade, I’m sorry to say, didn’t really leave much of an impression. There is a good restaurant on the single tourist street, I don’t remember its name but its wi-fi password is ‘best of the best’, and it was the best of the best in terms of salads. We had amazing gorgonzola salad served in bread that fitted the shape of the bowl and held the salad in the center. The bread was thin and a little crispy and rose up the side of the plate in the shape of petals.

Belgrade also had a castle and a decent looking zoo, the rest of the city however is just a sprawling and scruffy collection of odd shops and isn’t really very attractive. To summarise, it would be a mistake for them to make me their tourism representative.

By the time we boarded the train to Skopje I was eager to cycle again, I was really looking forward to Macedonia and Greece.

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