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Top Cycle Touring Blogs 2014

Here are some of my favorite cycle touring blogs I’ve been reading this year. Some of them I have followed for many years, others are recent discoveries but all of them have something to offer a cyclist. Whether that be inspirational stories, useful information or beautiful photographs you’ll find what you’re looking for in the links below.

Ultralight Cycle Touring Blogs

I mention ultralight cycle touring blogs separately as they have been my special interest since arriving in New Zealand.

Igor or ‘IIk’ as he’s known has been blogging about ultralight cycle touring since 2006 and has written at length on his success and failures as he drives down the weight of his setups. He also has other cycle touring blogs typically about a specific topic or ride.

The Velo Hobo, aka Jack Moore, is another ultralight cycle tourer. He has a great Gallery of ‘Velo Hobos’ featuring many distance cyclists he has met on the road and as a Warm Showers Host. If you’d like to become a Velo Hobo and feature on Jacks website then be sure to email him a description of yourself and some photos of you and your bicycle.

General Cycle Touring Blogs

I’m sure many of you will be familiar with Crazy Guy On A Bike. It has a great community of savvy cyclists and hosts loads of cycle touring blogs for you to enjoy.

It also has cycle touring reviews, resources and classifieds.

Bicycle Touring Pro is run by Darren and is a very informative site. There are ebooks, how-to articles and notably a travel scholarship where you can receive money or equipment to help you on your way to becoming a cycle tourist.

Fellow Englishman Tom Allen is on a perpetual bike tour but rather than a “quick lap of the planet and a pat on the back” Tom has turned cycle touring into his full time occupation with short breaks between various trips.

Canadians Friedel & Andrew started touring seriously in 2006 with a round the world bike tour. Though not exactly a blog their website is full of useful resources on cycle touring, some of which are specific to various countries around the world.

Eric and Amaya are hot on the heels of a world record of sorts. They intend to be the first people to cycle through every country on the planet. Their tour updates are really interesting and full of beautiful photos.

To find more cycle touring blogs check out Go Bicycle Touring for the most comprehensive list I’ve ever seen!

Which Blogs Are You Reading?

I’d love to know what blogs you’re reading at the moment, please let me know in the comments below!

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