Escaping the rain, wind, and the British summer

Sheet Lightening
Long exposure shot of sheet lightening in Germany – the weather in the UK was like this too! But I don’t have the photos to hand.

There was never any doubt of Joe and I getting on well as we always do and the start of this tour is no exception; I’ve traveled with Joe a few times and it’s always the same; silly humour and generally relaxed approach to things.

The weather in England has been particularly dull, grey, rainy and windy. Very windy at times! The reports are that some of the ferries from the south coast were canceled over night, and as we rode along there were uprooted trees and relocated ‘for sale signs’.On the bright side the bad weather encouraged us to push on reaching Dover within two days from Reading. We’re both really looking forward to some good sunshine and a more relaxed pace of riding.

We thought we should do something typically English before we set off on the ferry so we grabbed a Chinese takeaway and headed for the port.

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