How To Buy A Second Hand Bike

How To Buy A Second Hand Bike

I’ve been a bit quiet on CycleFar lately but I can assure you that lots has been going on behind the scenes.

Not only are my partner Ellie and I preparing for our move from New Zealand back to England in just over 6 weeks time but I’ve been writing a guide to help you assess a second hand bike before you buy it.

How To Buy A Second Hand Bike – Coming Soon!

It occurred to me that lots of people, including myself, have bought second-hand bikes only to discover later that there are problems with them. It’s not always possible to get a refund after you’ve handed over the money and accepted the ‘sold as seen’ terms.

Often all that’s required to identify a problems is a methodical check of the high risk components and enough knowledge to pick up on the signs if something is wrong.

The way I see it is that; if by reading ‘How To Buy A Second Hand Bike’ you’re able to pick up on a problem you would otherwise have missed, and legitimately haggle the price down, then it will have easily paid for itself. If you find a big problem then even it might prove to be very valuable.

I wanted to design something that could be loaded onto your phone, tablet, e-reader, computer or whatever so you always have it to hand. I also wanted it to be direct and easy to understand without any technical knowledge. I’ve written a list of checks, how to do them and what to look for as well as pointing out the consequence of big and expensive problems.

So, with this guide you should be able to approach a bicycle, without any technical knowledge. Quickly work out if it has anything wrong with it and buy with confidence or negotiate a reasonable discount.

I don’t work to deadlines but I’m sure ‘How To Buy A Second Hand Bike’ will be finished soon-ish! If you think this book might be useful to you please let me know.

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