Pushing on through Turkey

Turkish Flag
Turks are proud and fly many flags, perhaps because they have much to be proud of. It’s a great country.

I still have to write a post lauding Kos. We had much fun there. It’s a beautiful island with a rich history and fantastic beaches. But for now this is just a quick update to say that we’re currently pushing our way north through Turkey to Istanbul. We’re cycling long days but the terrain is tough. There are hot dry hills in every direction and the road network leaves much to be desired. Finding wi-fi remains difficult. Even internet cafes here don’t have wi-fi, just cubicles with old computers and no where to keep the bikes safe whilst we use them.

Our experience of Turkey is good overall though, the people are friendly and generous. This morning I earned 4 home grown cucumbers for pumping up a guys wheelbarrow, and we’ve met plenty of welcoming strangers.

Anyway, that’s all for now. We have to do visa research for Australia before leaving town to find a camp spot. We’re currently in Soke, south of Izmir.

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  1. Missed this post, normally I get an email but never got it for this post,still read it now, guess we will hear from you again from Istanbul x Dad

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