Retracing my Steps

Grossglockner High Alpine Pass
Grossglockner High Alpine Pass

I recently got and email from my dad in response to the post about cycling over the Alps. Apparently the route I took, the Grossglockner High Alpine Pass, is the same place my parents visited when my mum was pregnant with me, and the cafe/restaurant at the top that I sat beside idly admiring as I was eating my lunch is the same place they visited some 24 years ago. In a way I suppose I got some of that tasty food too! There was no planning involved in what route I would take and I didn’t even know it was the highest possible option – if I had known I might have shied away towards a lesser route… perhaps. Actually, no. I think the temptation would have been too great I would have done it anyway.

It’s a strange thing to imagine that my presence had been there before as blind as a bat and swimming around in amniotic fluid. I wonder if I had any sense that I was in such a magnificent place. Anyway I had always known I had, sort of, been somewhere in Austria as a foetus and now finally I can clear that half truth up and say I’ve been there properly, on my bike under my own power and loved it!

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