Saying goodbye to Joe…

camping alone
my first night camping alone in years

In Munich Joe and I found a cosy little hotel and over breakfast, after our evening at Hofbräuhaus, we slowly came to conclusion (Joe doesn’t talk until he has been fed a sufficient quantity of food in the mornings) that I would have to cycle alone over the Austrian Alps to meet Ellie and Charlie in Slovenia. Joe, due to his knee would have to stop cycling and would make other plans, possibly working his way back home to do a teaching English as a foreign language course before heading back out into the wide world for some non cycling related adventures.

So without much hesitation I washed my socks in the shower, which was horrific for both of us. Joe just stood by and watched as water turned to tar, occasionally commenting that something must be wrong, but without giving explanation as to what. Followed by a quick shop at one of the cities many Lidl supermarkets and saying our farewells.

scenic camping
scenic camping – I soon started to think riding the Alps was the right choice

I’ll really miss traveling with Joe, he’s a calm person most of the time and can take almost any situation in his stride without losing perspective. We’ve done quite a lot of cycling in the past though and I’ve told him in no uncertain terms that he owes me an adventure so we’ll have to start planning the next thing before too long; perhaps some canoeing (are you reading this Joe? Lets get on it!). I’ll also have to keep track of time now; Joe kept the time and I kept us on the right track, that’s the unofficial way in which we operated.

Now’s not the time to look back though, I need to stay focused to get over the Alps, I’ve got a huge climb ahead of me and traveling alone and camping alone night after night can take its toll when you’re physically and mentally exhausted. I’ve got to look after my self and not go too fast too far, which I have a habit of doing when I cycle alone, burning myself into the ground.

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