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Bikepacking or Ultralight Cycle Touring?

Ultralight Touring-Bicycle
Ultralight Touring-Bicycle Prototype – with heavy ‘normal’ cycle bottles.

Which do you call it – bikepacking or ultralight cycle-touring? Correct me if I’m wrong but bikepacking seems to be more orientated towards mountain bikes and ultralight touring towards road bikes.

They both use a bike to carry the minimal amount of kit to get the job done with a philosophy that values freedom, motion and adventure over comforts and luxury. I suspect that the only real difference is that bikepacking evolved from mountain bikers doing ambitious overnighters and ultralight cycle-touring was the logical answer to road tourers wanting to go further and faster whilst taking in a few high alpine cols. It looks to me like a case of convergent evolution where both camps have found similar solutions to the same problems, such as ditching panniers and racks in favour of dry bags, to save weight but also because mountain bikes and road bikes are less well designed to have racks mounted to them.

What I’d really like to know is, which do you call it and what type of bike do you use?