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Bosnia, mostly harmless?

Lakes in the Dinaric Alps, Bosnia
a lake in the Dinaric Alps, Bosnia

Right now, sitting in my room at the Sarajevo center hostel watching Ellie sorting photos on my laptop, I feel secure and happy. However, there were times during our ride to Sarajevo where this wasn’t the case. Bosnia, we’ve come to appreciate, poses several unwelcome challenges to cyclists. The first and most numerous of these is dogs. There are many dogs in Bosnia and most of them seem territorial, unhappy and aggressive. I suspect a few of them are also hungry.

Before anyone gets too concerned by this post I should point out that the dogs aren’t truly a threat, they’re just intimidating in large numbers. From what we’ve seen they’re not likely to bite if you stay calm and project a posture and air of confidence. But being approached by a pack of Continue reading Bosnia, mostly harmless?

pt.1 – Introduction and Departure

The Dalmatian Coast: 2011

This will be be first ride taken from my travel diary and published on CycleFar, it’s both the most recent and one of my favourite tours to date. The plan was simple; I was going to begin where my last ride ended, near the Italian/Slovenian border close to Koper and follow the Dalmatian coast south to Albania. I would, as always, invite nearly everyone I knew in the knowledge that of the people that said yes perhaps half would actually make it past the hurdles of acquiring a bike, camping gear, time off work and the will to spend weeks of their life cycling in a Mediterranean summer. I imagined I would end up with perhaps five of my more athletic and experienced friends and we’d zoom along the coast with practiced ease. Of course it didn’t really happen like that, it happened like this instead… Continue reading pt.1 – Introduction and Departure