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Ljubljana with Ellie and Charlie

Ljubljana – top city

Ellie and Charlie arrived just as expected, it was exiting to see Ellie again after 7 months, the last time I saw her was on January the 1st and she was mentally already in New Zealand and seemed quite distant. It was during a new-years party and despite knowing we wouldn’t see each other for ages we spent most of the time talking to other people; perhaps in a way it was preparation for the 7 months ahead. I was OK with it though, I could see that gradual detachment would be an important stage in her move to live and work in a new country and I suspect that it was the best and least stressful way to handle it. Continue reading Ljubljana with Ellie and Charlie

waiting in Ljubljana and resting my legs

Cycling in Austria
cycling in Austria come highly recommended

Since crossing the Austrian Alps and entering Slovenia I’ve had three days to slowly make my way to Ljubljana airport to meet Ellie who will be joining me for the rest of the tour and Charlie, who arrives two days after Ellie, who will join us for about three weeks.

I’ve cycled alone for a week now and in some very remote places. The only contact I’ve had with other people has been briefly when cycling over the Alps and at lake Bled in Slovenia where I attracted the attention of a few tourists that had never seen a cycle-tourer before. One guy asked if the solar panel on the back of the bike was there to power it along; if I could produce that amount of power from 25cm2 of photovoltaics then I might be able to solve the world’s energy problems. I didn’t say that to him however, I just kindly explained that it was for my phone, e-reader and laptop. This only served to produce an even stranger question as he then looked at my bike and asked me if, since it wasn’t electric, whether I had to pedal it. Continue reading waiting in Ljubljana and resting my legs