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Hidden gem – the city of Cres

Cres' smaller marina
Cres’ smaller marina

After fighting the heat and climbing to the highest point of Cres we free-wheeled down towards the only campsite within a day’s ride located besides a city that shared the island name. We gently rolled our bikes into the centre not knowing where to go. It was immediately obvious that Cres was far from the basic little community of locals we imagined; it was a vibrant and rather prosperous little tourist bubble with a very exclusive looking marina crammed with sleek yachts. Many of the visitors to Cres sported deck shoes or beautiful dresses and were well-groomed. Ellie and I felt quite scruffy in comparison and quickly ducked away into an alley emerging minutes later in our least untidy clothes and marginally neater hair; it’s hard to make sea-salty hair look like anything but straw but with the right shirts on we would at least pass for the semi-dignified traveller type. Continue reading Hidden gem – the city of Cres

From good to great – the island of Cres

highest point of Cres, Croatia
highest point of Cres, Croatia

Traveling down the cost of northern Croatia is a great ride, the roads, coffee and sea are great all the way to Pula. Ellie and I moved easily from town to town, at night it was warm and dry, we slept with just the inner of the tent as a mosquito barrier and left the waterproof outer packed away on the bike. The hot, slightly barren and rocky terrain of Croatia’s coast was comfortably familiar and reminded me of years ride down the cost of the mainland. We decided, for a change, to take an island hoping route this time but the terrain is still unmistakably that of Croatia.

Croatia has many long islands that span down its coastline and the first of these is Cres. On the ferry from the mainland we spied this island and remarked at its uniform, uncultivated, untamed scrub, it looked uninhabited and very, very dry Continue reading From good to great – the island of Cres