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Departure – ‘Smoke Me a Kipper’

As my family are all away on holiday I awoke early to an empty house and started filming various clips of me getting ready. This extra task, that I felt I had to do, came from talking with my friend Charlie a few days ago; he suggested I make a short video of my departure and I instantly realised I had no choice, I’d always regret not trying it now that the idea had been planted in my head. I’d advise you not to take it too seriously and, please, feel free to laugh:

Almost everything was ready when I woke; all I had to do was film myself getting out of the house and pick up my toothbrush, I managed half of Continue reading Departure – ‘Smoke Me a Kipper’

England to Indonesia: approaching departure (5 weeks to go)

departure towards Santander
our departure towards Santander in 2009

I can confidently forecast that on the evening of the 16th of June I’ll be sitting in the middle of my room surrounded by bulging panniers, merino underwear and tent poles clasping my head in my hands. The reason for this is that the 17th of June, exactly 5 weeks from today, is now the official leaving date for my tour to south-east Asia. Within these next 5 weeks I need to get travel insurance, investigate the necessity for vaccinations, for which I’ve an appointment with a doctor tomorrow, procure a water filter, a few spare bike components and other odds and ends. Some of the more difficult challenges will be to decide which of my many cherished jackets I’m going to take with me but I’ll probably just have to Continue reading England to Indonesia: approaching departure (5 weeks to go)