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Are energy gels useful for long distance cycling?

Grossglockner High Alpine Road
Beautiful agony on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road

When I’m on my road bike I often enjoy an energy gel, well perhaps I don’t enjoy an energy gel, but I certainly benefit from a little caffeine and carbs. But what about for touring? I think some insight into this question can be gleaned from a little light philosophy; when you’re out on a road bike you don’t need to ride in a sustainable way, you can ride vigorously all day before returning home to a warm shower and rest until you feel you have recovered again. Some gels can enhance your performance for a short time but at the cost of extending your recovery time. On a Sunday road ride this doesn’t matter. Chances are that you will be at work on Monday and able to rest and recover for the next cycling opportunity, probably a mid-week ride or the next weekend. On a tour there isn’t necessarily a day of rest coming up and so you must pace yourself – pacing yourself means that high concentration energy supplements shouldn’t really be necessary. Continue reading Are energy gels useful for long distance cycling?

pt.6 – Misty hills and Hari Krishnas

lush and misty Croatian interior
we rose to misty hills and damp grass

The rest of the previous nights riding was a struggle, we knew thanks to the Germans, that we were on the right track but the road was poor and Lallo repeatedly got punctures on his skinny tyres. After dealing with pinch flats and riding with our head torches out of the dark forest we eventually found the road we’d been promised. At this point everyone was exhausted and ready for sleep so we took the first camp we could see which was right on the corner of the junction we had arrived at. It was a very dark night and even with the head-torches shining about the blackness just seemed to envelope our party and it wasn’t until morning that I came to appreciate the beauty of where we now were. Continue reading pt.6 – Misty hills and Hari Krishnas

Trangia Stove Recipes and Meals

Trangia Recipes - washing up
washing up (someone has to do it)

Trangia Recipes using the most basic ingredients, minimal fuel and never wasting water.

My aim here is to compile a list of recipes that are;

1) quick and easy to cook
2) use common ingredients
3) use transportable ingredients
4) don’t consume much fuel
5) don’t waste any water
6) taste good
7) are nutritional
8) full of energy

Continue reading Trangia Stove Recipes and Meals