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Macedonian shaped blur and a Greek sunset

14,000 miles cycled on the tourer
14,000 miles (22,530 km) cycled on the tourer

After leaving our hosts in Macedonia feeling bright and refreshed we headed onto the motorway that I had read was fine for cycling on. As it happens it was. We shot down the slip-road, still unsure of what exactly to expect, braced ourselves for the gushing wind of passing lorries and onslaught of car horns and then, nothing… the three lane road, complete with a deep shoulder, was silent. A car would pass, sitting in the middle lane, followed by a lorry in the far lane, a good 7 or 8 meters away from us and so we pushed on. We carved a line straight south through the heart of Macedonia. The beautifully maintained road took us through the mountains and down into huge dry plains, the scenery was spectacular and we made very good progress. Occasionally there would be a water fountain at the side of the road. Once when we stopped to fill our bottles a Swedish couple in a camper-van ran over and shoved

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Ancient Greece…

The internet doesn’t seem to have caught on in Greece. Even Serbia was better connected than the island of Evia. Only my phone can access this crusty old router I’m using to post this text, the laptop and Kindle repeatedly fail so posts are becoming backlogged. I’ll try for a better connection in Athens in a few days. I’m doubly frustrated because I’ve bought some books on beekeeping for the Kindle, via my phone, but I can’t download them to the Kindle itself. I assume they’re just floating in cyber space sullenly looking for my little electronic reader. Bzzz.