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Retracing my Steps

Grossglockner High Alpine Pass
Grossglockner High Alpine Pass

I recently got and email from my dad in response to the post about cycling over the Alps. Apparently the route I took, the Grossglockner High Alpine Pass, is the same place my parents visited when my mum was pregnant with me, and the cafe/restaurant at the top that I sat beside idly admiring as I was eating my lunch is the same place they visited some 24 years ago. In a way I suppose I got some of that tasty food too! There was no planning involved in what route I would take and I didn’t even know it was the highest possible option – if I had known I might have shied away towards a lesser route… perhaps. Actually, no. I think the temptation would have been too great I would have done it anyway.

It’s a strange thing to imagine that my presence had been there before as blind as a bat and swimming around in amniotic fluid. I wonder if I had any sense that I was in such a magnificent place. Anyway I had always known I had, sort of, been somewhere in Austria as a foetus and now finally I can clear that half truth up and say I’ve been there properly, on my bike under my own power and loved it!

Solo over the Alps – Grossglockner High Alpine Road

crossing into Austria
crossing into Austria heading for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Leaving Munich I had a new determination to get over the Alps, and I had packed with me a secret weapon too. Every time I run so much as a 10k fun run back at home, and always on marathons and half marathons I get given a goody bag with some kind of sports energy supplement. I typically never use them so over the last two years or so I’ve amassed a diverse collection of flavours brands and types; some dried powers, some bars that you just eat and some gels, which always leave something to be desired when it comes to taste and texture. Nonetheless, they might just have their time and place right here and now as I haul this lump of a bike up and over something called the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. I only recently learnt that Grossglockner is Austria’s highest mountain and that the road over it was ridiculed when construction was first proposed. It has an interesting history, see the wiki. Continue reading Solo over the Alps – Grossglockner High Alpine Road