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The Infinity Pedal KickStarter Campaign

I’ve been watching the Infinity pedal on KickStarter for a while. I think that Sam Hunter’s pedal and cleat concept has great potential due to its simple and lightweight design. Mechanically it works in a very different way to current common cleat systems.

As the cleat slides over the pedal it compresses it, making it shorter and holding it between two small protrusions on the cleat. A photo might help to explain:

Infinity Pedal
Infinity Pedal and cleat mechanism

Until recently the KickStarter campaign has focussed on the design and production of the mountain bike cleat, but it now looks like an accompanying road version will be released. This means that both road and mountain bike shoes (and cleats) will work with the same bike pedal.

The combination of road shoes and the infinity pedal with cleat will be one of the lightest cycle shoe binding mechanisms available. Continue reading The Infinity Pedal KickStarter Campaign