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My Top 5 Favorite Cycle Touring Countries

Here lies my top 5 favorite cycle touring countries. As a mere mortal I can’t claim to have cycled extensively in every country on Earth but I have done a few tens of thousands of miles in about 35 of them and, of course, I have my favorites.

The quality of the roads and amount of traffic weigh heavily on my subjective opinion. As does the food, climate and experiences with people. ‘Subjective’ and ‘favorite’ are the keywords here but I hope that if you’re looking for inspiration on locations one of these will spark your imagination.

#1 | Turkey

I had a rough start cycling in Turkey but except for those first 48 hours it was probably the most enjoyable travel experience I’ve ever had, it’s an amazing place to ride a bike.

Warm and Friendly Turks
Warm and Friendly Turks

I cycled through Turkey with Ellie, from Bodrum on the south west, to Istanbul. Bodrum didn’t win my heart but as soon as we got inland and headed north everything else in Turkey did. Just a few miles from the coast we began to climb up the first of three large ranges that lay between us and Istanbul, the roads were quiet, people stopped to chat to us and figs grew at the road sides in abundance. A nice touch is that Turkey has water taps and shade shelters dotted about at the sides of the roads, stumbling across one is a welcome oasis in the heat.

I was really impressed by the Turkish food. Commonly you can find lots of crisp salads, spicy meats and fresh yoghurt. Their olive oil, balsamic vinegar, bread and molasses are all world class. If you like food, people and rugged terrain then you’ll love Turkey. Continue reading My Top 5 Favorite Cycle Touring Countries

Kos, a holiday

Kos Town, Kos
the silky calm Aegean sea at 7am – Kos Town, Kos

Many people will look at Ellie and I cycling through Europe and think that, however we might dress it up, we’re essentially on holiday. Those people would be close to the truth. It may be grueling at times, just making and breaking camp every day is taxing without having cycled a mile, but so is reserving deck chairs with beach towels. However, the Greek island of Kos really was a shameless holiday right in the middle of our tour. We’d cycled keenly through Greece and had tackled some steep terrain and hot weather before reaching Athens. So, upon reaching Kos, a large section of the tour lay behind us and the faintly daunting prospect of Turkey ahead. It was the perfect time for a break.
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