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7 Tips To Cycle Safely On Busy Roads

To cycle safely on busy roads you first need to have the basics covered. You will need to use bright well positioned lights that can attract attention. If you don’t have a rear rack, seatpost mounted LED lights are a bright and safe option. Car drivers, with their low angle of approach, will be able to see you and your light easily. However, lorry drivers, who are raised up high off the road in their cabins, may find your light is less visible as they approach because it may be obscured by your saddle. I try and make sure my light is visible from at least 45° up from horizontal so drivers who are high up off the road can see it even when they’re right behind me. You can increase this angle of visibility by lowing where you place the light on your seat post. About 5cm from my saddle rails works well for me because my saddle is sculpted in a way that doesn’t overhang my light very much. Other saddles might require the light be placed further down the seat post.

Rear Bicycle Light Visibility
The Rear Light is Visible From at Least 45°  Higher Than Horizontal

I always set my rear light to flash and my much brighter, front light as a steady beam so that I can see where I’m going at night. Continue reading 7 Tips To Cycle Safely On Busy Roads