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Squids the size of yer’ arm in Zadar

Squids the size of yer' arm in Zadar
Squids the size of yer’ arm in Zadar

Zadar is quite westernised for it’s location, about halfway down the Croatian coast. But, it still has enough traditional and Bosnian influenced food and liberating lack of rules to remind you that it sits towards the edge of Europe.

The last time I was in Zadar, with a large gang of cycle tourers last year, we found a great restaurant hidden away at the back of the old city. From the front it looks very unassuming, just a heavy wooden door set into a bare stone wall. There is a faded photo next to a menu of the hidden outside dining area. The image is bleached white and damaged at the edges but it can still be interpreted as resembling a scene of a crumbling ancient Rome. Intrigued as we were on our first visit we stepped in to investigate.
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Zadar by night

teaching country flags
mum teaching her children my country flags – Zadar

We finished off Cres with ruthless efficiency. The tailwind helped us devour the miles on the island’s single main road from north to south leading to another smaller island connected by bridge, Losinj. At the town Mali Losinj we quickly located the ferry port and negotiated possession of two tickets to Zadar on the mainland. We didn’t want to go that far South by ferry but there were no Sunday services to the closer island of Pag.

We’d visited Zadar last year and loved it so soon came round to the idea that we would be listening to the sea organ on the waterfront, camping beside the sea under pine trees, at our known free camping spot, and eating some of the best Burek so far discovered.
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