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Thank You Cyclefar Readers!

I’ve really enjoyed writing content for Cyclefar over the last few months. As some of you may know Cyclefar is not a new website, the domain was registered on the 13th of June 2010. However, I was young and the first half of Cyclefar’s life was spent as a test bed for all kind of ideas, writing styles and content.

As I’ve begun to find my feet in life so has this website. I want to thank everyone that has read posts, browsed galleries, commented, shared and ultimately contributed to the growth and success of I know how much great content exists online, each one competing for your time, interest and interaction.

Thank You For Visiting Cyclefar
Cyclaefar has been visited by people worldwide.

Recently I took the time to look in detail at my stats and was amazed to find that Cyclefar has been visited by people in 157 countries around the world. It’s great to see such diversity. I will openly admit that I don’t even know where some of these places are but I love to look them up on Google maps!

So thank you Cyclefar readers, I’m honored to have you land on these pages, especially when you leave me awesome comments to read!

5 thoughts on “Thank You Cyclefar Readers!”

  1. Great work James. Some very interesting reading and an excellent Ebook. Don’t stop what you are doing! :-)

    I’ll look forward to reading more.

  2. Thanks for all your hard work keeping the blog going, I’ve learnt a lot of useful information about cycle touring from your postings, Julie, Kent, UK

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