3 thoughts on “Ultralight Cycle Touring”

  1. James, Fascinating book. I love the gear lists that you laid out. A couple of questions for you though. You don’t mention gloves or a bike lock in any of your gear lists. Do you take either item? If so, what model do you take?

    1. Hi Mark,

      thanks for your comment, I’m glad you liked the book. No, I don’t take gloves touring, but I own a pair of Enduras for the past seven years that are still going strong and have exceeded my every expectation.

      A good bike lock will be very heavy, there is no two ways about it. But there are other ways to secure you bike, here are some ideas;

      1) If you leave your bike, put it in top gear, it will make a quick getaway slower. You can do this with any other security measure.
      2) Use a cable tie or velcro strap (reusable) and fix together one spoke to your front fork.
      3) Get a small light wire lock – can be a good visual deterrent.
      4) Get a heavy lock and bolt your bike to something solid.
      5) Don’t let your bike out of sight (I tend to do this one most of the time coupled with a fixing a spoke to front fork.)

      I hope that helps in some way and I hope your bike is never stolen or vandalised!

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