Zadar by night

teaching country flags
mum teaching her children my country flags – Zadar

We finished off Cres with ruthless efficiency. The tailwind helped us devour the miles on the island’s single main road from north to south leading to another smaller island connected by bridge, Losinj. At the town Mali Losinj we quickly located the ferry port and negotiated possession of two tickets to Zadar on the mainland. We didn’t want to go that far South by ferry but there were no Sunday services to the closer island of Pag.

We’d visited Zadar last year and loved it so soon came round to the idea that we would be listening to the sea organ on the waterfront, camping beside the sea under pine trees, at our known free camping spot, and eating some of the best Burek so far discovered.

Burek in Croatia
enjoying more Burek

We jumped on for the 6 hour journey that stopped at every small smidgen of land it could find, which was many, and entertained ourselves with lunch. I enjoyed meticulously polishing off the inside of our Nutella jar, creating an offensively tilted diet book; ‘James Moss says get thin or die fat and embarrassed’ (I don’t always mean the things I say, sorry for the bad taste in humor) and to some extent listening to Americans complain about the small portions of coffee in Europe. I really hope they can come to appreciate quality over quantity, the huge barrels of “coffee” I’ve previously been subjected to in the average American eatery left much to be desired. The Americans meant well though and were great company with their interesting stories.

We arrived in Zadar well past dark and were relived to have previous experience and knowledge of the city. We easily found our campsite and waited for a new day.

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