12 days and one assignment to go!

procrastination at it's best

It’s nearly time to start cycling to south-east Asia. I’ve got 12 days and one last uni assignment to go and I can finally begin my journey east. The plan has been massively revised in the last few weeks; the bad news is that Charlie, who I began planning this trip with over a year ago, has had an irrefusable offer from his uni to work through the summer with the opportunity to win a prestigous award, so he won’t be cycling any great distances this year, although he might fly out and join us for a small section in Europe. However the good news is that Joe, one of my oldest and most trusted friends, is now able to join us for ‘as long as money allows’ where as before he was only going to accompany us as far as Slovenia before making his way to a wedding in Africa.

The planning stage is almost complete, I’m only waiting on a few small items; some methylated spirits, malaria tablets, one last course of vaccinations and a filter for my camera. The only really pressing thing is getting this assignment done for next Tuesday so I’d better stop photographing chains get back to work!

If you really want to see how creative a person can be then you should watch them avoid a task they’ve become tired of; for me this is writing sociology assignments – I just don’t find it quite as interesting as my other modules.

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