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One of things I’m proudest to associate with is cycling. If I have the option I will cycle no matter what… I cycle to work, my friends, the pub, the shops and even to the occasional black-tie soiree. I cycle in the sun, wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail and enjoy every single ride with the same thrill as I remember as I child.

I mostly use a road bike when at home and I like to go fast, but the thing I’m most passionate about is using bicycles for everyday tasks like commuting, shopping and cycle-touring. I love how a simple technology like a bicycle can have such profound social, environmental and economic benefit for everyone no matter what their background. From the richest to the poorest, no matter how you measure it, you’re not safe from the benefits of cycling!

James (that's me)
James (that’s me)

How it started…
As a child I rode bicycles, then I stopped for quite a while. Sadly, that’s a common story and often ends there. But I was lucky – in 2007 at the age of 19 I bought a mediocre bike for more than it was worth and, knowing very little about cycle-touring, or how much I was going to enjoy it, decided to ride through some of southern France. Since then I’ve continued to travel by bike, arranging trips for myself and friends, covering tens of thousands of miles in over 35 countries. Oddly, I still can’t remember where the idea came from to buy that bike as a teenager.

Cycle-touring; which is essentially a form of self-propelled nomadic travel, has become one of my favorite ways of learning, exploring and experiencing the world. When I’m not traveling on my bike I enjoy running, swimming, reading and growing food amongst many other things.

Your archetypal jack of trades, master of none,

James Moss

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  1. James. Thanks for the travel log of your trip thru Turkey et al with Ellie. I had an absolute shit summer with work so thrilled to hear ‘someone’ was out and about living life and living it well. You Brits know how to travel.
    Regards. James

    1. Thanks James, I really appreciate your comment and I’m pleased to hear someone enjoyed the blog. Sorry to hear about your disappointing summer. Remember that many great things in life don’t require much money and past a certain point of material comfort and financial security the rest of what people own is vanity. If your work was as bad as you say then perhaps it’s time for a change – this might interest you; http://www.careerslifestylejournal.com/

      best of luck in 2013,

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