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MSR AC Bivy Review – Updated

It’s time for me to update my MSR AC Bivy review. I’ve spent quite a few nights in this yellow cocoon and have formed some new opinions on it.

MSR AC Bivy Review

The MSR AC Bivy is generously sized, it’s the kind of bivy you can place a full-sized ground mat, a large sleeping bag and a daypack into and still have room to shuffle, it opens from the top with the zip going straight across the width of the upper side at about eye level. I’m only a mere 5ft10 or so but this bivy would be fine for people bigger than me as the pictures hopefully show. Continue reading MSR AC Bivy Review – Updated

Trangia Stove Recipes and Meals

Trangia Recipes - washing up
washing up (someone has to do it)

Trangia Recipes using the most basic ingredients, minimal fuel and never wasting water.

My aim here is to compile a list of recipes that are;

1) quick and easy to cook
2) use common ingredients
3) use transportable ingredients
4) don’t consume much fuel
5) don’t waste any water
6) taste good
7) are nutritional
8) full of energy

Continue reading Trangia Stove Recipes and Meals