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Handlebar bags – the jewel of the cockpit

Installing a handlebar bag on your bike will change the way you ride. To get the negatives out of the way first; it will make steering a little heavier and you will lose some of the responsiveness of a clean, lightweight set of handlebars and front wheel.

Cycle Touring Croatia
Ellie grabbing a snack from her handlebar bag in

However, on the up side you will have created the most useful storage space on your bike right. Anything that reduces the need to rummage around in panniers must be worth having! For touring I love the more robust feeling of some weight on the front, it really helps keep stable and straight in a side wind and makes your front brakes far more effective by giving your front tyre more traction. In Spain on an early tour of mine, a friend called Sandra complained that her bike was vibrating and stuttering when she braked with the front wheel, I took the bike and raced it up and down the road a few times aggressively jamming on the front brakes to see if I could replicate the problem, but I couldn’t.

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Handy Hardware / Essential Tools

Multi-toolUnlike ‘essential oils’ found in your shampoo, essential tools may really be essential. When cycling there are certain items that are invaluable when things go wrong, even if you’re just commuting but especially if your touring.

You can never prepare for every eventuality but this list of tools, ranging from the ‘bare necessities’ option for commuting or a weekend of cycling to the full range of equipment and spare parts that a transcontinental cyclist might stash at the bottom of their panniers, should keep those wheels turning most of the time.

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Best Tyres For Cycle Touring

The best tyres for cycle touring are durable and puncture resistant ones that can survive high milage. Fitting a good set tyres is one of the easiest ways to improve your bike. They will make you far less susceptible to punctures, will last a very long time, feel comfortable, have low roll resistance and they’re safer.

Many of the best tyres for cycle touring are produced by two main brands, Continental and Schwalbe. Each company produces top quality tyres some of which I’ve had a great deal of experience with.
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Portable Solar Chargers – Gimmicky stocking fillers or practical modern utility?

Since CycleFar is first and foremost intended to be an informative site, and also to alleviate the stress on my readership caused by the intense anticipation of the answer to the title question, I’m going to provide my answer plainly here at the beginning: personal solar chargers are definitely not just gimmicky gadgets, in my opinion they’re very useful devices indeed – now that bombshell is behind us we can go into a little detail. Continue reading Portable Solar Chargers – Gimmicky stocking fillers or practical modern utility?

Cycling through the rain – a British commuter

Berghause RG1Winter is approaching fast in the UK this year. Already at the very start of September the weather is cool and already a T-shirt and shorts are not enough for my evening rides back from the city. But the cold is only a very mild cycling deterrent compared to the rain. Arriving to work or a friends house drenched is a bad way to start the day. On the way home it’s not so bad, but no one wants to spend a whole day soaking. Continue reading Cycling through the rain – a British commuter