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KNOG Blinder 4V review

In my latest review in the series of ‘what worked on my latest tour’ I’m sneaking in the KNOG Blinder 4V that I bought in Australia after my last rear light, also an older KNOG light was stolen from my bike in Serbia. It didn’t join me for the whole tour but it did help me to finish it safely and is a wonderful rear light. I’ve also had the opportunity to test it out properly over the last few months in a commuting capacity…

I didn’t get my KNOG Blinder 4V from Wiggle but I might have done if I wasn’t in the midst of touring! I never recommend products or retailers that I haven’t used myself and am happy with. Thank you.

Surly CroMoly front rack review

Behold! My video review of the Surly CroMoly front rack. It’s the first video in a series of reviews on what hardware worked best on my 6 month cycle tour from England to New Zealand. I’m not totally at ease at talking to the camera yet, and you may detect me rambling on a bit, but I endeavour to improve my performance as I progress through the series. So here we go…

I got my Surly CroMoly front rack from Wiggle and it helps me to maintain and grow CycleFar if you do to. – and, as always, I never recommend products or retailers that I haven’t used myself and am happy with. Thank you.

Amazon Kindle review – 4th generation

Kindle 4th generation
Kindle 4th generation

Let me start by saying that I bloody love my Kindle! I’m sure there are loads of reviews out there with detailed descriptions of the features and specifications but this will be much simpler – this is what I’ve grown to love and hate about my Kindle after cycle-touring with it over the last few months.

I have the 4th generation Kindle with Wi-Fi and a 6″ E Ink Display – not touch-screen. I chose this because it’s the smallest, lightest, cheapest, has the longest battery life and I don’t need or want any of the other features of the larger Kindles, at least not at the cost of the battery life and weight etc.
Continue reading Amazon Kindle review – 4th generation

Trangia Stove Boiling Speed Test and Review [Updated]

If you think that Trangias are slow then you must have been talking to my friends, they’re always telling me how painfully slow they are, and how useless they become at high altitude. The thing is, despite this common criticism, my experience has always been very positive.

Trangia 27-1 UL
Trangia 27-1 UL

I think Trangias are very fast. I can’t prepare the food for it faster than it can boil a pot of water. I’m the weakest link, I’m the bottleneck in the process, the Trangia runs rings around me so here I want to test how fast this cooking stove really is and give my Trangia 27-1 UL review. Continue reading Trangia Stove Boiling Speed Test and Review [Updated]

Sugru; what would you use it for?

Sugru has arrived
Sugru has arrived!

A few months ago I came across an interesting product called Sugru, a silicon based putty that air cures, and knew immediately that I wanted to play with some. The problem was I didn’t think I had any real uses for it, so I decided to make a list on my desktop and every time I came across a possible use for Sugru I scribbled it down. If I could find a reasonable amount of jobs that couldn’t be solved as well with other material’s then I’d get some to try.

As you may have guessed the list is now long and the Sugru has arrived so here’s my first use of it; On my approaching tour (3 days to go!) I’ll be cycling from Switzerland back to the UK with a couple of friends from Uni and I’ll be just taking a Bivy (the MSR AC Bivy) and a tarp for shelter. I have borrowed from a friend two collapsible tent poles to support my tarp, for when there are no trees or other supports, but there isn’t a simple way to hook my tarp to the ends of the poles. Continue reading Sugru; what would you use it for?

MSR AC Bivy Review – Updated

It’s time for me to update my MSR AC Bivy review. I’ve spent quite a few nights in this yellow cocoon and have formed some new opinions on it.

MSR AC Bivy Review

The MSR AC Bivy is generously sized, it’s the kind of bivy you can place a full-sized ground mat, a large sleeping bag and a daypack into and still have room to shuffle, it opens from the top with the zip going straight across the width of the upper side at about eye level. I’m only a mere 5ft10 or so but this bivy would be fine for people bigger than me as the pictures hopefully show. Continue reading MSR AC Bivy Review – Updated