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Ultralight Cycle Touring Toolkit

When setting out to build the ultimate ultralight cycle touring toolkit, I first examined my old one. My old cycling toolkit was a dark and mysterious beast, I couldn’t really tell you what it contained as I rarely dug that deep.

On the odd occasion I did tip out the contents while looking for a small part I was bemused by what scattered across the floor. I knew there were several types of brake pad, five 4mm allen keys, two multi-tools and a bottle of lube in there, but there were also other more unusual things. Some I’m 70% sure had something to do with bottom brackets, others may not be anything to do with bicycles and I definitely found a bolt that belongs to my desk chair! That would never make it into an ultralight cycle touring toolkit.

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Cycle Touring Infographic of Weight

I made a Cycle Touring Infographic of Weight specifically for the Ultralight Cycle-Touring Guide. I decided I wanted a cycle touring infographic to show the relative weights of the items I had included.

Before I made the cycle touring infographic I kept thinking; “Kindle: 280g, camera: 360g, bivy: 510g – does that mean my Kindle is really heavy? How can it weigh more than half of my bivy, which is so essential to my survival in comparison to having an ebook reader”. But then in comparison to my camera, it seems pretty good. Most people would not question taking a camera, because they find the pictures valuable enough to justify the additional weight.

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Ultralight Cycle Touring Book

My ultralight cycle touring book entitled the ‘Ultralight Cycle Touring Guide’ is finally complete. Since sometime in November 2013 I’ve been dragging myself away from the beautiful New Zealand spring to write a book on ultralight cycle-touring.

It all started when I got my road bike shipped out from the UK. I wanted to see more of New Zealand but the large distances and hills between towns forced to me look for a lighter and faster solution for touring. Down the rabbit hole I fell. Continue reading Ultralight Cycle Touring Book

Light Weight Cycle Touring Tent Alternatives

Tarp for cycle touring
Ultra lightweight tarp for cycle touring

One of the heaviest items when you are cycle-touring is your tent. Good tents will have a double lining and adequate leg room to keep you dry and allow you to stretch out. Of course you can manage with a single skin tent and leg room might not affect everyone but there’s a few alternatives worth mentioning. This is one of them.

This is my tarp. It’s a hugely versatile piece of kit and very light. It weighs 545 grams and comfortably covers an area big enough to sleep three people. Another one can be used on the ground if you wish, but a bivy works well to keep your sleeping bag dry if you’re on damp ground. I use the MSR AC Bivy or a second tarp just to protect the sleeping bag from the damp and any rocks and sticks, etc, from ripping it. Continue reading Light Weight Cycle Touring Tent Alternatives

Micro Adventure

cycling on a snow day
the least appropriate type of bike

Anyone that spent early February in England will know that the country was blanketed under heavy snow for a few days. Knowing this was on the way, and putting my trust in the weather reports, I rallied the troops and decided it was time for a micro adventure.

The plan; to ride from my house to Bradgate park just north of Leicester and camp out with a few friends in the snow. I was eager to test out the MSR AC Bivy and a new sleeping bag from Alpkit so this forecast cold snap was irresistible. Continue reading Micro Adventure