Coffee and Stats…

coffee and stats
Coffee and stats in Vodice
We’ve just reached Vodice in Croatia and have stopped for a coffee, partly for the pleasure of enjoying a macchiato and partly to top up on water by slyly carting our numerous bottles into the rest rooms. Whilst talking to Ellie over our coffees I’ve compiled some stats of the ride so far:

Miles ridden: 1,430
Punctures: 1
Days on tour: 39
Coffees consumed (approx): 39
Nights in accommodation: 5
Longest milage in a day: 105
Countries visited: 9
Greatest altitude: 6,407 ft / 1,953 m (Grossglockner High Alpine Road)
Favorite wild animal sighting: tortoise
Loaves of bread stolen by wild cats: 1
Times woken by savage bleating goats roaming about in olive groves and clattering loudly on loose rocks: > enough

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