Cycle Touring Infographic of Weight

I made a Cycle Touring Infographic of Weight specifically for the Ultralight Cycle-Touring Guide. I decided I wanted a cycle touring infographic to show the relative weights of the items I had included.

Before I made the cycle touring infographic I kept thinking; “Kindle: 280g, camera: 360g, bivy: 510g – does that mean my Kindle is really heavy? How can it weigh more than half of my bivy, which is so essential to my survival in comparison to having an ebook reader”. But then in comparison to my camera, it seems pretty good. Most people would not question taking a camera, because they find the pictures valuable enough to justify the additional weight.

Cycle Touring Infographic of Weight

Cycle Touring Infographic of Weight
Ultralight cycle-touring infographic of weight

I wanted to see the difference between the truly essential things I needed to stay alive and healthy compared to necessary evils, like socks, and luxury items like the e-reader. Then I thought about my very average road bike and decided I needed to see what all this kit looked like in comparison to that. Would saving a few grams from my toiletries really make much difference when my road bike weighs 10.5kg? At this point came visions of me cycling along with lead wrapped around my feet – 850g seems far too heavy for cycling shoes!

Just as I was reconciling that another disruptive idea occurred; ‘perhaps I should look at the weight of the kit and bike compared to me’. It might be easier to lose a few grams from me rather than the bike? Obviously all of these factors make a significant difference but it’s amazing that if your kit weighs 6kg (the Optimal setup detailed in the book) then that’s only 7.5% of the total weight when combined with a 70kg person and a 10.5kg bike.

In the end, I just had to see it visually and so this cycle touring infographic was born. If you liked this post and cycle touring infographic please consider sharing it.

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