Cycle Touring Kit List and Checklist

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I recently made a cycle touring kit list just as I make lists for everything else. It’s one of the many techniques I use to minimise making silly mistakes, forgetting things and managing priorities.  If this sounds a little like you then perhaps you will like my cycle touring kit list too.

Here is my master cycle touring kit list, the one that informs all the other smaller kit lists I make. If I’m packing for a cycle trip this is the first thing I look at.

I never take everything, it’s more a selection that I can pick and choose from to make sure I don’t forget anything on a cycle tour.

Cycle Touring Kit List

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Pick 'n' Mix Cycle Touring Kit List
Pick ‘n’ Mix Cycle Touring Kit List

You might notice a few odd things in there like my swimming goggles which I use if I’m near a suitable coastline for swimming. If I’m going to a really good stretch of coastline then I occasionally take a full mask and snorkel and have a cycle / snorkel tour. I can happily spend as much time in the water as I do in the saddle so progress on these coastal tours can be very slow!

Cycle Touring Kit List Diagram
Cycle Kit List

This is how I sometimes use the first cycle touring kit list. I take the various components and copy/paste them into a rough diagram of my bike. It’s a birds eye view representation of the bike with four panniers, a handlebar bag, etc. It really just rearranges the cycle touring kit list so I can see how it will fit together.

You can use this cycle these kit list any way you please and I’m happy for it to be shared so long as it shows or credits some way.

I use cloud storage based Google Docs to make this cycle touring kit list and keep it handy wherever I am.

If you find this cycle touring kit list useful please consider leaving a comment or sharing it.

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  1. James

    The kit lists look really useful. But you’ve only posted image files. Could you post a link to the original files on Google Docs so we could use them ourselves? Would be much appreciated. Thanks, Steve

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