Cycling Infographic Energy

Cycling Infographic – How Far? Baked Beans?

My latest cycling infographic answers a question we’ve all been asking. How far can you travel with the energy contained in a single tin of baked beans?

First, we need to know how much energy that is. For my cycling infographic I worked out that 1 tin of baked beans contains about 600 calories or 2,500kJ or energy.

Cycling Infographic – How Far Will 1 Tin of Baked Beans Get You?

Cycling Infographic Energy
Cycling Infographic Making Sense of Energy

The distance for each vehicle, car, train and bicycle is given in per passenger-kms. The bicycle has a single rider – no tandems here. The car has 1.5 passengers, which is the about EU average for car journeys. The train is taken from the energy cost per person over one year of service in Switzerland.

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