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China Visa Stamp
The Illusive China Visa Stamp

As a UK national obtaining foreign visas is probably easier for me than for most. I’m lucky to be a part of the EU and to be a member of a former global super power which, although I largely regret many aspects of Britain’s colonial past, has left me as a member of a country with strong political relationships all over the globe. So from the point of view of a British national the bureaucratic landscape and my political mobility looks as follows;


Visas for Turkey and India for a UK national

Miraculously I can cycle all the way from my doorstep in Leicester to Turkey before I’m forced to negotiate my first visa by handing over a reasonable £10, payable at the border on entry. Once in Turkey I’m led to believe it’s possible (for a UK national) to secure a visa for India from Istanbul. The requirements are a little higher as I will need the following;

  • two passport photographs
  • a photocopy of my passport
  • 77 Turkish Lira
  • patience, good manners and a beaming smile

I gather from extensive research that, contrary to some reports on-line, I do not need either a £63 ‘note verbale’ or to leave my passport in the hands of the Consulate during the standard weeks wait before the visa is issued.


Nepal and re-entry visa to India

After India the next step for us will be Nepal and I can thankfully report that this should be a similarly painless process; apparently is is necessary to pay in USD cash but the cost is only $30 and again, like Turkey, it can be paid at the border on entry.

Additionally I’m told that from the Nepalese embassy in Kathmandu it is possible to get an immediate re-entry visa for India, required if your Indian visa was for single entry only, that wavers the standard two month cool down period that’s usually required between Indian Visas.


Chinese visa obtained abroad [problem!?]

This is where the problems start; I’ve spent hours today trying to find out whether or not it’s possible to be granted a Chinese tourist visa from India as a UK national. Although there are embassies in Mumbai and new Delhi I can’t find any evidence to suggest that I’ll be able to acquire the visa I so desperately need. I’ve emailed the Chinese embassies in Mumbai and London and am still waiting for a response, I’f I’m not able to then I wonder what other options are available to me?

Does anyone have some experience or information that might shed light on this situation?

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