Food for thought in Munich

Dark beer at Hofbräuhaus, Munich
Joe enjoying a dark beer at Hofbräuhaus, Munich

So clearly hitchbiking wasn’t working, at the most we got a few sympathetic gestures and a couple of looks that said ‘I certainly would help you guys out if only my car was bigger / I wasn’t turning off at the next junction / had the time to help’ depending how carefully you read the expressions.

Luckily for us we had noticed every hour or so a bus go by that had a trailer for bikes, we decided that a bus to the nearest train station would be the next best option but as Joe read the timetable we realised that just as we’d clocked on to this handy service there was a three hour gap in its schedule and so out came the Red Dwarf audio books and a pretty blissful three hours of the best sci-fi comedy ever written (in my humble opinion), the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is up there too of course. Joe was entertained too as he had what looked like a great book on travel in Laos that I must get hold of at some point. 

Munich City hall, Marienplatz
Munich City hall, Marienplatz

Once at the station and on the first train we had another stroke of luck; it turns out that on weekends in Germany it’s possible to travel the length of the country with bikes for just €20 per person, we were given one €40 ticket for two people, with the caveat that we could only use province trains, which I take to be like the UK’s Cross Country service as they were slower and had more stops.

It took six trains to get very close, within 20 miles of Munich, we couldn’t get all the way because the rail service has stopped by 2am and we would have to get a new ticket for another days travel. We cycled away from the city Augsburg and got ready to pedal the last of the way to Munich in the morning. It was a long day but in the end we got what we wanted; time for Joe to rest his knee, to get ahead of schedule so that we didn’t have to worry about daily mileage and a great city to mull over our options about the rest of the ride… and not forgetting Hofbräuhaus and some nice beers!

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