How to Carry Wine on a Bicycle

This post idea was inspired by a lively debate I saw over on The prevailing wisdom emanating from the substantial combined intellect of the CGOAB community was a pleasing one; yes, it’s a good idea to take a tipple with you and, yes, there are a few good ways to do it. This is what emerged:

The wine box
Possibly the cheapest and safest way to carry wine on your bike is to use the bladder that lines the inside of boxes of wine. The only foreseeable problem with this is that you might have to drink the wine that’s inside first, and it can be a bit rubbish. Not all places in the world treat or market boxed wine as real wine. Here in NZ, the boxed wines I have tried are undrinkable, but I know that you can get some pretty good ones back home in Europe. They can be refilled, with perseverance, by removing the tap and are pretty tough and abrasion resistant.

PlatyPreserve by Platypus
PlatyPreserve by Platypus

The PlatyPreserve
Made by Platypus, the PlatyPreserve is a flexible plastic sack made from a similar material to those of posh soups containers. It comfortably holds one regular bottle (750 ml) of wine and boasts the ability to remove all the air, and thus eliminating oxygen exposure, which damages the wine. It’s simple cheap and effective which makes it a sensible decision for a cool-headed wine connoisseur.

Wine Bottle Holder
PedalHappyDesign’s Wine Bottle Holder

PedalHappyDesign’s Leather Wine Bottle Holder
If you really want to impress, or find that you often need to ferry a presentable bottle around on your bike, you might like to look at PadalHappyDesign’s offering. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship (is that a sexist word?). It comes with an integrated bottle holder and lots of other logical points of value that are drowned out by the more emotional draw of the bottle holder’s gorgeous aesthetics.

My Old Touring Bike
My old touring bike with a bottle of Italian red.

Bike Bottle Holders – Danger Beware!
In the past I have always assumed that the reason bike drink bottles and wine bottles were the same diameter was because whoever invented the standard clearly understood that cyclists would want to carry wine. After all, the dawn of cycling took place in Europe, particularly in France – of course the Gérards and Jean-Pierres of the world wanted a bottle holder that could transport the local produce. That’s why I followed, what I Imagined to be, a tradition dating back to the genesis of cycling and carried my wine in my bikes drink bottle holders. It was only as I began writing my post on CGOAB that I imagined the gory consequences of a crash, breaking my wine bottle and adding dangerous shards of glass to an already perilous situation.

There’s nothing like writing down an idea to expose it’s flaws. I’ll think twice about carrying glass bottles on my bike again.

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  1. Thanks for sharing great thought on carry wine while riding bicycle. I usually preferred to carry a wine in small wooden wine box. However bottle holder you have recommended are so great.

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