Hunting for Visas

more of these please

It’s now only five months before I embark on the biggest tour I have ever contemplated, from the humble village of Desford, just on the outskirts of Leicester (UK), to the sprawling and expansive cities of Western China. There will be many obstacles along the way but I expect few will be as frustrating as political borders and visa requirements.

Just how do you go about getting visas for a good price? Everywhere I look I find inconsistent information about prices, how long the visas will be for, who will receive them and who will not, every detail changes from one report to another. I expect this is because many people have had different experiences, and at different times, so the resulting information found on the internet is patchy and conflicting. But where does this leave me? I know that there are companies that can ‘handle’ these matters for me, but at what cost? I need to sift through this swamp of conjecture and make some headway soon – time is running out!

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