It’s finally happened…

Ellie looking cool on her bike
Ellie looking cool on her bike (because I didn’t know what picture to use for this mini-post)

This morning I woke up to gloriously persistent sunshine, just like every other morning in the last 6 weeks. In England if there is a sunny day and I have to work I feel I’m missing out. If it’s sunny and I don’t have any excuses not to be outside then I feel deeply guilty for staying indoors, as though I’m letting a great opportunity for a run/ride/BBQ slip unhindered through my fingers. But now for the first time a single sunny day doesn’t seem such a big deal, if I stay in today it will shine tomorrow, I won’t feel guilty for closing the curtains and watching a film. It’s finally happened; I’ve become complacent…

I’m still enjoying the good weather but, like a second year student at university who has settled into their new highly social life and has sensibly decided to decline the odd bout of drinking in favour of some studying, I won’t be lapping up every last ray of light fearfully anticipating impeding darkness to follow.

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