KNOG Blinder 4V review

In my latest review in the series of ‘what worked on my latest tour’ I’m sneaking in the KNOG Blinder 4V that I bought in Australia after my last rear light, also an older KNOG light was stolen from my bike in Serbia. It didn’t join me for the whole tour but it did help me to finish it safely and is a wonderful rear light. I’ve also had the opportunity to test it out properly over the last few months in a commuting capacity…

I didn’t get my KNOG Blinder 4V from Wiggle but I might have done if I wasn’t in the midst of touring! I never recommend products or retailers that I haven’t used myself and am happy with. Thank you.

One thought on “KNOG Blinder 4V review”

  1. Hi again, thanks for a great review. Looks like a great light indeed. Can I ask you tompost run times as on tour loooong runntimes are greatly appreciated. Good point on the AAA batteries charging issues on tour but my Cateye ancient tail light has a run time into months just out of two AA batts. Granted that charging is problematic that is a great run time. One last issue you did not touch on but may just be a serious deal breaker is visibility as in what is the car driver’s view of it from say 50 and 100 meters. Most lights I see out there are near enough to be invisible at those distances particularly if it is wet. So lets not kid our selves and get real and effective lights before we get into trouble and end up touring a hospital.

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