Ljubljana with Ellie and Charlie

Ljubljana – top city

Ellie and Charlie arrived just as expected, it was exiting to see Ellie again after 7 months, the last time I saw her was on January the 1st and she was mentally already in New Zealand and seemed quite distant. It was during a new-years party and despite knowing we wouldn’t see each other for ages we spent most of the time talking to other people; perhaps in a way it was preparation for the 7 months ahead. I was OK with it though, I could see that gradual detachment would be an important stage in her move to live and work in a new country and I suspect that it was the best and least stressful way to handle it.

intricately painted building - Ljubljana
intricately painted building – Ljubljana

Once reunited at the airport it took all of 5 minutes for everything to click back into place and so we built up Ellie’s bike and set off to see what Ljubljana had to offer. The city is pretty small for a capital but after spending three nights there, trying the delicious food and being subjected to

friendly smiles, beautiful architecture and a vast network of pedestrian and cycle friendly streets Ljubljana, the pocket-sized capital, has been firmly elevated to become my favourite summertime city. The prices are great too, you can expect a delicious meal, with bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the house, for as little as £9, £12 if you want something seafoody. At that price I think it would be rude to stick doggedly to our home-made, Lidl sourced, tomato and cheese sandwiches.

We spent the last evening walking around the city taking some photos and soaking up the atmosphere as the next day promised a demanding climb back up into the Julian Alps to visit lake Bohinj with the intention of walking to Mount Triglav.

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