Making new friends

The Twenteens
The Twenteens; a great fun, haphazard and endlessly well spirited group of tourers.

Upon reaching the port in Dover we found the desks that sell the tickets were closed, we had arrived too late and the only thing that we could od is wait for the desks to reopen the next morning, we still had our takeaway Chinese food so one directed to the 24h arrivals lounge we tucked into out tasty pork, veg, rice and chicken dumplings before opening up our sleeping bags onto the floor and chairs and sleeping.

In the morning we purchased our tickets, after shopping arround I found out that it was cheaper to go to Dunkirk than to Calais and as Dunkirk is also closer to our first destination Brugge that was ut choice. £20 and 2hs later we noticed another group of young cycle-tourers riding ahead of us, also from the same ferry.

reaching Brugge with the twenteens
reaching Brugge with the twenteens after leading the gang from Dunkirk the wrong way the previous day!

We followed them out of the port mostly curious to see what they would do and where they would go, I noticed that some were carrying their kit in rucksack, other had skinny jeans and wore smart shoes with crepe soles. It was clearly a chaotic mismatch of people, probably organised last minuet and on a shoe-string budget. As we quickly rode by (I wanted to get to the next bus station to change into my cycling shorts, which involves a moment of nudity) the unofficial leader, known now to be called Hannah, shouted I have no idea where we’re going to her group. After changing we stopped to talk to them, they were all in their twenties, or there about, and were also going to Brugge.

Both our own map and the other group’s (the ‘twenteens’; to make them easier to refer to) identical map began about 15km closer to Brugge than we were currently so we offered to guide them to a point on both our maps and instantly made our first navigational error as we led them along a windy sandbank and to a disappointing dead-end.

the twenteens were a great bunch and, in case they’re reading this: I hope the rest out your journey went well and drop us an email to let us know how you got on!

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