Cycling through the rain – a British commuter

Berghause RG1Winter is approaching fast in the UK this year. Already at the very start of September the weather is cool and already a T-shirt and shorts are not enough for my evening rides back from the city. But the cold is only a very mild cycling deterrent compared to the rain. Arriving to work or a friends house drenched is a bad way to start the day. On the way home it’s not so bad, but no one wants to spend a whole day soaking. Continue reading Cycling through the rain – a British commuter

Cycle Touring Saddles and Rider Comfort

Cycle touring saddles need to do two things, they must be comfortable for long durations and they should be comfortable in a more upright seating position than road bike saddles.

Choosing a comfortable cycle touring saddle is arguably the single most important decision you can make when outfitting a bike for cycle touring. Riding on a generic saddle or a saddle designed for the opposite sex for days at a time can range from uncomfortable to traumatic. Here lies some quality cycle touring saddle options to protect you from pain and frustration Continue reading Cycle Touring Saddles and Rider Comfort

Ultralight Cycle Touring and Fully Loaded Bicycle Travel