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Proof That Cyclocross Bikes Would Make Great Touring Bikes

In this video Chris Akrigg shows why cyclocross bikes make excellent touring bikes. As he bounces and slides over rocks and branches and into the occasional mud pit, he proves that cyclocross bikes are lightweight, capable machines that can take a great deal of abuse. Coupled with an ultralight, sub 6kg, bundle of touring gear there would scarcely be any terrain out-of-bounds. Cyclocross bikes also have the added benefits of being fast on roads, unlike mountain bikes, low maintenance and have a huge potential to take cycle touring adventures to new places.

If you’re wondering how you might equip a bike like the one Chris is riding for cycle touring, then you may like to take a look at my Ultralight Cycle Touring Guide book.

3 thoughts on “Proof That Cyclocross Bikes Would Make Great Touring Bikes”

  1. Hi there, I just found your site and it’s been a great help, and great fun to read. I’m looking at bikes now, and wondering at ‘cross geometry versus something like the newer “gravel” geometries that are coming out–particularly in terms of stability and comfort over long distances. I do want to race cross, definitely, but wondering about taking a cross bike for hours in the saddle, maybe gravel riding too. Is the difference in stability overplayed? I’m wondering how big the difference is.

    1. Hi ADAP7IVE,

      Thanks for your comment.

      From what I’ve heard, gravel bikes have a slightly more relaxed geometry and longer wheel base. I’m not sure how they compare to road bikes, but I tour on a standard road racing bike and I’ve never wished for a more relaxed geometry – though I’m sure some would. So, which bike will suit you best, out of gravel and cross, probably depends on things like, age, fitness, flexibility, how used to aggressive bike geometries you are and how long you intend to spend in the saddle per day. Sorry that that’s not a very precise answer, but I hope it helps you in your decision.

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