Rained off at Bohinj

Swimming in the rain at lake Bohinj
Swimming in the rain at lake Bohinj

The plan for our second day at lake Bohinj was to find a place to leave the bikes and hike up into the Julian Alps but as we set up the tarp to sleep under that night I made a mistake. I said that I wanted it to rain, just enough to test my tarp out and see how it handled some precipitation. Well the rain gods or whatever must have misunderstood my message somehow as, once again on this tour, we spent the night sheltering from a deluge that lasted the entire night, the noise alone was incredible as the rain hammered loudly against the trees and our tarp and equipment. When we woke it was still raining and the decision was made to abandon the climb and move on south with the hope of escaping the wet and stormy micro-climate of the mountains.

Tarp in the Rain
Ellie and Charlie packing up in the rain

In the drizzling rain, encased in my waterproof and looking around at wet panniers and some accidentally moistened clothing that had strayed from the safety of the tarp in the night I decided I wasn’t having enough fun. I declared that I was going in the lake and abandoned packing away for a refreshing swim in the rain. The lake was even more beautiful that morning, there was a heavy mist rising from the surface and the waterfalls that cascaded down the sides of the most prominent mountain had swelled to more than double in size and could be faintly heard as a low pitch roar.

Ellie joined me and we reveled in the cool clean water splashing around and not giving a thought to the rain, cold weather or impending climb back out of the valley in which the lake sat. That swim, as brief as it was, will be remembered as a highlight of the tour I think it was brilliant fun and quit literately washed away any thoughts towards having an obligation to get on with the cycling. It was a reminder that the main aim of this trip is to have a great time and a great experience, the cycling is just a means to that end.

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