Secondhand Bicycle Free Book Promotion 6th and 7th September

I’ve just completed a guide to help people buy good second hand bikes. It goes through all the checks you should make and the things you should look for when making a good purchasing decision. Here’s the blurb from Amazon:

“Have you ever bought a real lemon of a bicycle? I know I have! This book is simply a guide to show you where and what to look for when buying a second hand bike. It has a quick checklist for experienced people and a detailed walkthrough guide for those new to bikes and cycling.

Even if you only pick up on one little problem and are able to legitimately haggle for a discount (or have a problem fixed before you buy) then this handy little guide will save you more money than it costs.”

This book will be free to download this weekend, on the 6th and 7th of September 2012 only. Don’t miss your chance to download a book that could save you money and give you confidence when you next come to buy a bike!

I really hope you will find it useful and it would be of great help and most appreciated if you could leave a review. If you think you know someone that would like a free book this weekend please share this post with them.

Here is the US Amazon link:

It can also be found on every other Amazon site (though I’m not allowed to link them all here) and be read on Amazon software for Android, iOS, Kindle, Mac, PC, etc.

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