Spork Broken
Stress fractures signal the imminent death of my second Spork

UPDATE | After having two Sporks develop stress fractures and snap in the middle, I’m hesitant to recommend Light my Fire’s spoon/fork combo. They’re fairly durable but don’t expect them to last more than a few months of continuous use.

For Cycle Far’s first review I thought I’d chose something simple and it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Introducing Light my Fire’s Spork, That’s right: it’s a spoon and it’s a fork, you get the idea. .  However this is where the comparison ends because this Spork also hosts something resembling a knife. On one side of the fork there’s a small toothed edge that’s unlikely to succeed at cutting anything that can’t be just as easily sliced with the spoon end.

Light my Fire’s Spork comes in a choice of 19 colours (plastic), a titanium model and three different sizes; regular, XM and L (Serving Spork).

The Spork is made from a heat resistant material and can withstand being submersed in boiling water and is unlikely to be damaged by touching the bottom of a heated pan. I’ve used mine with my Trangia several times and haven’t melted anything yet.

Light My Fire's Sporks
Choice of Colours

The advantage of plastic over metal cutlery is that it won’t scratch your cookware, especially important for those with Teflon/non-stick coatings.

So if you’re one of those people that would rather not eat with their hands when out in the wilderness then a Spork might be a good addition to your outdoor cutlery set, but If you don’t mind losing the heat resistance, branding and cool shape then most supermarkets offer multipacks of reusable party/outdoor cutlery for as little as £1, the same price as one of Light my Fire’s Sporks.

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