Surly CroMoly front rack review

Behold! My video review of the Surly CroMoly front rack. It’s the first video in a series of reviews on what hardware worked best on my 6 month cycle tour from England to New Zealand. I’m not totally at ease at talking to the camera yet, and you may detect me rambling on a bit, but I endeavour to improve my performance as I progress through the series. So here we go…

I got my Surly CroMoly front rack from Wiggle and it helps me to maintain and grow CycleFar if you do to. – and, as always, I never recommend products or retailers that I haven’t used myself and am happy with. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Surly CroMoly front rack review”

  1. “Thank you forvthis review. I have been looking for info on this very rack but until now not a whole lot is out there….so I modified a rear rack. One thing you did not mention in your review that I learned whilst experimenting is that thebposition of the major load with respect to the axle is very important. If tevliad is too far forward the wheel and bars will want to flop to the side at every opportunity making packing and generally leaning your bike against things nearly impossible. If the load is too far back it will want to point your wheel straight ahead…. nice but it will likely restrict your turning circle by hitting the frame. So a nice setback needs to be achieved to arrive at a balance. I notice that the rails the pannier clips to nicely extend back past the fork. This s critical to achieving this balance and have a bike that is nice to live with. I am sure it also makes riding more easier on your body by not having to constantly adjust for the side to side tendency of a too far forward pannier setup. Try it, put a hefty load in two panniers and clip them to the far forward sidebof the rack and note how the slightest leannof the bike will have the steering go to lock on that side… now slide them far back on that rail and note how the wheel will tend to return to centre. Nice review. Thanks

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