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Athens, Greece and immigrants

Temple of Hephaestus, Athens
Temple of Hephaestus, Athens

Greece sits on the edge of Europe and attracts many immigrants from the east. Some legal, but only ‘some’. Not all the immigrants that pass through Greece stay in Greece though, the country is used as a gateway for the rest of Europe. I read in the news recently that Greece has asked the EU for help with its illegal immigration problem as it feels it shares an uneven burden due to its geographical location.

Walking down the streets of Athens the level of immigration becomes patently clear, some streets are only populated by Pakistanis and, I assume, Indians. It was rather surprising at times to walk from an ancient Greek icon to a nearby street selling eastern spices, fabrics and, that modern Asian stereotype; mobile phones and cheap and fake consumer electronics. Continue reading Athens, Greece and immigrants

The maze of Athens

One of many of Greece's ancient ruins
One of many of Greece’s ancient ruins

Reaching the outskirts of Athens, the point where traffic slows to a crawl, happens many kilometers from the center, wherever that is. Athens sprawls out in every direction, completely swallowing small towns, and the center covers a large and indefinable area north of the Acropolis. As we cycled into heavy traffic and perimeter districts our pace slowed dramatically. Moments ago we were racing down a beautiful mountainside lined with conifer trees and smart villas. Now we had come to a halt as the single entry road of the decent gave way to a maze of side streets, dead ends and turnings left wanting of sign posting. Continue reading The maze of Athens