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Dr Yan rides a Thorn

Dr Yan rides a Thorn bicycle
Dr Yan rides a Thorn bicycle (with a Brooks saddle)

If you like a bit of gritty down-to-earth science then you may have come across the BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory. Series 6 has just begun with an episode dedicated to showing ways in which combustible fuels can be produced to run in standard internal combustion engines. It’s a great show with a very hands-on approach to science and always covers topical subjects but the part that grabbed my attention in this extra clip was that the slightly bizarre Dr Yan conducted a test of cycling efficiency on a well spec’d Thorn touring bike. In the experiment Dr Yan competes against a moped to see which form of transport achieves the most milage on 1,000 calories and also concludes with a MPG rating for each. To make matters interesting DR Yan and his Thron are loaded up so that the weight of the bike is equal to the scooter. Check out the video below to admire Dr Yan the closet cycle-tourer in action.  Continue reading Dr Yan rides a Thorn